Everything You Need to Know About Switching Energy Suppliers

August 15th, 2013

Did you know that you now have the power to choose your own retail energy supplier? This option has been recently made available so that you can shop around for the lowest rates possible. Before making a decision, first check with your utility company to see if your state qualifies for energy choice.


How It Works

Energy choice gives consumers in participating states the luxury of shopping for their own electricity suppliers. It is completely voluntary, meaning if you choose not to do so, your energy will just continue to be provided by your utility.


In most states, whichever company you choose to supply your energy will not affect your current service. Although you are receiving your energy from a different supplier, you are still considered a customer of your utility company; therefore you will still receive one monthly bill and all customer service or restoration inquiries will continue to be processed with them. When you switch suppliers, the only thing about your service that changes is the rate you pay for your energy.


Supplier vs. Utility

One of the major differences between a supplier and a distributor is that you can choose your own supplier and your distributor is determined by the location of your residence. Another distinction between the two can be seen on the monthly statement from your utility company.


Take a good look at it. Notice how it is broken down into an itemized list. The charge from your preferred retail energy supplier is called a generation service charge. The balance is determined by calculating your monthly amount per kilowatt-hour by the rate you agreed to pay.


In addition to the fee from your supplier, your statement will also consist of a section containing distribution charges added by your utility company. If you haven’t yet exercised your right to energy choice, both charges will come from your distributor, meaning the amount per kilowatt-hour you pay won’t be as low as what many retail energy suppliers offer.


Why You Should Switch

When you switch your energy supplier, you are choosing to take advantage of an opportunity that allows you to find a great deal on your household’s energy. Choosing energy choice also enables you to discover the best plan for your lifestyle.


North American Power is an electric supplier that caters to all ways of living, including the environmentally friendly way, with our renewable energy plans.  In order to satisfy both the bargain hunters and the environmentally conscious, North American Power now offers 25% and 100% cleangas or greenelectric plans and also offers the innovative product AmericanWind, which can certify your home or business.


Another benefit of choosing North American Power as your energy supplier is that our rates are extremely affordable. Unlike your local utility company, our job is to sell energy, meaning we specialize in providing you with some of the most competitive rates in the industry. If you need power turned on in your new home first speak with your utility company, but if you want the power to choose from some of the best deals on the energy market consult with us.



Finding a New Supplier

Need help selecting an energy supplier? There are many resources available to assist you during your hunt for the most attractive plan. If you have been searching online for information, you may have noticed that most energy suppliers have FAQs that are very helpful in answering common questions a new customer may have. If your state supports energy choice, your utility company usually will as well, so feel free to contact them for any recommendations. You can also check their official website for a list to compare rates of the energy suppliers in your area.


If you have already chosen a supplier, contact your local utility company for more details. In order to confirm that you are being offered a valid deal, make sure they are licensed by the Public Utility Commission. The PUC oversees all utility rates, so certification with them can assure that the deal you will receive is legitimate.

5 Reasons You Should Switch to North American Power

August 9th, 2013

Out of all of the retail energy suppliers on the market, North American Power stands out from the crowd for several reasons. Here are 5 ways you can benefit by making us your energy provider.


1. We Will Help You Save Money

Since selling competitively priced electricity is our core business, we work tirelessly to source electricity at the lowest wholesale prices possible, and we pass those savings on to our customers. We also charge no fees to become a customer. Consult your North American Power Representative today to inquire about the best deals available in your area.


2. We Will Pay You

When you encourage friends and family to join your current energy supplier, do they pay you? We do. Our Referral Program was designed specifically to empower our customers with a risk free opportunity to earn an extra income. As an Independent Representative at North American Power, you’ll receive your own website, the flexibility of making your own hours, and financial freedom with no cost to start.


3. We Support a Cleaner Environment

North American Power offers a simple way for customers to embrace the green movement when they purchase a renewable energy plan. Our 100% cleangas, greenelectric and AmericanWind products help support a more sustainable energy resource, promote a fresher, much healthier environment for future generations, and allows you to do your part in the community by investing in a better way of living.


4. We Give Back to the Community

By switching to North American Power you aren’t just making a difference in your life, but also impacting the lives of many others by lending a helping hand to those in need. North American Power customers are way more than energy consumers; they are also investors in a better world. We offer you a way to make a difference with our Mission to Millions program. Every month that you are with North American Power, we will donate $1 on your behalf to the charity of your choice from our featured list of partners. We also offer convenient fundraising tools so that you can raise money for any non-profit organization.


5. We Promote Energy Independence

When we say “land of the free,” one thing we aren’t referring to is our indebted economy. As an American-bred company, one of our long-term goals is to restore America’s position as an economic and political leader by endorsing the idea of energy independence. When you sign up to become a North American Power customer, you’re choosing to invest in financial security for our country. As a result, you will inspire a decrease in the cost of electricity and an increase in more jobs for Americans.


Selecting the best energy supplier can be difficult, but once you switch to North American Power you aren’t just making the best decision for your household, but also a better choice for our great country.